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DoD Professional Development Institute (PDI)
2024 DoD Voluntary Education (VolEd) Professional Development Institute (PDI)
Date: July 16-17, 2024
Location: Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) Training Facility, Patrick SFB, Cocoa Beach, Florida

NOTE: PDI 2023 slide presentations are available for download from the DANTES milSuite account. CAC-access is required. 

Event Purpose:
  • To support DoD VolEd employee engagement, professional knowledge and collaboration across the DoD VolEd community, using forums, professional training, knowledge sharing, and building partnerships.
  • To equip VolEd professionals to best support the Military Services’ efforts to shape, recruit, train, educate, and retain a diverse workforce capable of successfully executing current and future missions.
  • To facilitate the collaborative process, align leadership focus across functional and organizational boundaries, grow strategic alliances across the VolEd enterprise, and support organizational performance.
POC: Contact your Service Registration POC for further details 
Email PDI questions to: dodhra-outreach-dantes@mail.mil