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Put your Military Learning to Work!

Believe it or not, building a foundation for military learning started on the first day you took the oath of enlistment and boarded that strangely uncomfortable bus to basic training.  Since then, you have been exposed to a myriad of formal training and learned many new skills on the job.  All these experiences have helped to build the foundation which will assist you succeeding in a post-secondary environment. 

Many service members are eligible for college course credit at academic institutions based on knowledge already gained during military service. Through DANTES' Military Training Evaluation Program (MTEP), a service member's learning from military training, education, and occupational experiences is evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE) and documented on the Joint Services Transcript (JST). Your JST is an official academic record that contains college credit recommendations based on your military experience, academic exam scores (e.g. CLEP, DSST, etc.), and academic courses completed while in the military. Visit the JST website to LOG IN and request an official copy of your military transcript.

Program Eligibility
Enlisted, warrant officers, officers and veterans from all Military Services, including National Guard and Reserve components and U.S. Coast Guard are eligible. Air Force personnel should contact CCAF for academic credit related to their military training and experience.

Air Force personnel, who attended Defense or joint training offered by another Service, should email the Joint Service Transcript (JST) Operations at
jst@doded.mil to have a JST created.
Program Benefits
  • Provides a head start:  Helps members begin their educational journey with college credit; meaning fewer courses needed to complete your degree/credentialing requirements
  • Reduces costs: Reduced number of college courses equals lower expenses for tuition, books, and fees
  • Helps in career planning: Provides a competitive advantage in career programs (advancement, commissioning programs, transition) and in your resume portfolio
  • Creates competitive options: More than 2,500 colleges/universities accept ACE credit recommendations helping you find the right institution to meet your needs and goals
Transfer Credits
As you begin exploring degree and certificate options, it is important that you research and identify an academic institution that meets your individual needs. Academic institutions establish their own transfer credit policies and procedures. It is recommended that you immediately identify and locate these policies to help you understand the process and set a plan for making the most of your credit recommendations

Each college or university evaluates the college credit recommendations on your JST to determine the amount of transfer credit you will receive. The credit may be applied to meet degree requirements in the area of the degree major, general education, or electives. Each academic institution establishes its own credit transfer, acceptance policies and procedures. You are strongly encouraged to contact your prospective school’s admissions office for specific information about transferring credits.
ACE Military Guide
​The ACE Military Guide supports academic institutions in awarding college credit to military-connected learners based on their military training and ​​occupations. ​Through a Departm​​ent of Defense (DoD​​) contract for the U.S. Armed Services, ACE is the sole source of information for courses and occupations evaluated for the military. The ACE Military Guide is a trusted technology platform containing courses and occupations evaluated from 1954 to present.
The Military Guide includes:​​​
  • A public Joint Services Transcript (JST) upload feature for service members and veterans ​
  • A streamlined format for course and occupation summaries​
  • Detailed information for all military courses and occupations evaluated by ACE
  • Multiple ways to search for courses and occu​pations—​by service, date, ACE ID or military course number, and course or occupation title
  • Evaluations conducted by college and university faculty members who are actively teaching in the areas they review​​
Get Your Transcript
Like standard college transcripts, the Joint Services Transcript (JST) lists all courses and occupations completed by you as a professional military learner. Many of the occupations and training courses have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE), to include descriptions, academic subjects, and the corresponding number of recommended college credits in semester hours.  It’s important that you audit your military transcripts for accuracy and understand the details of this specialized tool.

Visit the JST website to request an official copy of your military transcript.
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