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Learn about Yourself...

Kuder Journey can help you create an education and career path focused on YOUR goals. 
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What skills do you have?
  • What is most important to you - a pleasant work environment or job security?
College and career planning requires learning about yourself first to help ensure you choose the right career path for your future. Kuder Journey's education and career counseling program is designed to help military students learn, assess and plan -- based on YOUR personal interests, skills and work values. With Kuder Journey, you can develop a college and career plan tailored to YOUR needs and interests to help make life's journey easier and more rewarding. Create an account that you can access for a lifetime. Sign up to LOG IN today... at no cost to you!


Webinar Training

Postsecondary Education Planning with Kuder Journey
This webinar session helps service members identify and explore postsecondary options using the Kuder Journey system. The session includes how to: 

► Locate & Explore Majors, Colleges & Universities
► Find Apprenticeships
► Identify Education & Experience related to Occupations – including licensing & advancement opportunities
► Add Postsecondary Interests to E-profiles

ICYMI... You can visit the DANTES YouTube channel to access the webinar. 

Please direct any Kuder program questions to: dantes_counseling@us.navy.mil
Contact a Counselor
We recommend that you speak with a Services' Education Counselor when making school and career decisions. They will have the best answers to your questions and will work with you to determine the best path forward based on your goals for the future. They will be able to access your Kuder Journey assessments too and easily discuss the results with you.
Student Benefits
Kuder Journey offers eligible service members:
  • Free self-assessments 
  • ​Self-paced education and career counseling assistance
  • Career and education paths tailored to your needs
  • Employment tools aligned to your education goals
    • Help in building job search skills and more
    • Help with resumés, interview practice, and employer research
  • A public e-portfolio that’s all about you and what you can offer potential employers
  • Lifetime access to your e-portfolio, personal assessments, and other documents
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Program Eligibility
All actively-serving U.S. military members in all Military Services, including the National Guard, Reserve components, and the Coast Guard are eligible to use the Kuder Journey program at no cost to them.
Support Tools
It is important to determine if your education choices align with your future career goals. Whether you stay in the military or choose to transition, your education choices can have a major impact on your future success. Think about these questions:
  • Will my degree meet the requirements for advancement in the military?
  • Will it help me get the civilian job I want?
  • Is there a demand in the job market for the skills I’ll get in my chosen education program?
  • Will the degree and school I choose be widely accepted in my preferred career field?
  • Does my education path align with my interests, values, and skills?
With Kuder Journey, a professional military education counselor can help you answer these questions. Create a Kuder account and then be sure to contact a Services' Education Counselor.