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Download the MilEd Benefits mobile app to learn about education benefits for eligible service members. 
U.S. service members can maximize use of their military education resources by learning about the Defense Department, Department of Veterans Affairs, Military Services, and DANTES education programs - anytime, anywhere. With simple-to-use eGuides and a user-friendly design for your cell phone or tablet, the MilEd Benefits app provides a one-stop shop to find no-cost education benefits that can help members with military advancement, completing a college degree, and transitioning to civilian employment after serving. 
Mobile App Benefits
The MilEd Benefits mobile app makes it easy to get started and map out a plan to reach your education and career goals with:

  • eGuides designed for quick access to learn about recommended military educational programs
  • Military Services' Education Program Information provided to support the Services' Voluntary Education (VolEd) communities and individual service members by focusing on specific Service education and career planning resources
  • DANTES Education Program Information provided to support a member's pursuit of their educational and career goals
  • Tools for Professional Education Counselors designed to help the Services' Voluntary Education (VolEd) community of professionals assist military students with their education journey
  • News and Updates, Videos, and Encouragement to keep you informed
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Let DANTES help you prepare for your future - on your schedule. With the MilEd Benefits mobile app, when you reach out - we're always there.

If you have questions about the DANTES mobile app, please email dodhra-outreach-dantes@mail.mil or submit a Help Ticket with your contact information, so we can respond promptly.