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Our team works closely with the Services' Voluntary Education communities and DoD-approved academic institutions to help ensure that service members know about the no-cost DoD education programs and benefits available to them. Whether you are an education services officer (ESO), education counselor, education specialist, career advisor, or a school representative, you have the distinct privilege of assisting military members with their education and career-planning goals. 

DANTES provides a variety of program tools and resources to help you stay informed and up to date on DoD education support programs that can help military students on their education journey:

► DANTES Counselor Support Network (DCSN)
► DoD Professional Development Institute (PDI) 
► How to Become a DoD MOU School
► How to Establish a National Test Center
► Program Resources: Infographics, Fact Sheets, and Webinars
► Subscribe to our Monthly (DIB) Newsletter 
► Today's Military and Futures Magazine

Monthly Webinars specifically for Education Professionals - hosted by one of our Credit-by-Exams' program vendors, CollegeBoard, who administers the CLEP exams. Please familiarize yourself with this new tool and all of the other ways we can assist you.
 If you have questions, please send an email to: dodhra-outreach-dantes@mail.mil and we will respond promptly.