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DANTES is here to help! Our team works closely with the Services' Voluntary Education communities and DoD-approved academic institutions to help ensure that service members know about the no-cost DoD education programs available to them. Whether you are an education services officer (ESO), education counselor, education specialist, career advisor, or a school representative, you have the distinct privilege of assisting military members with their education and career-planning goals. 

We provide a variety of program tools and resources to help you stay informed and up to date on DoD education support programs that can help military students on their education journey:
► DANTES Counselor Support Network (DCSN)
► DoD Professional Development Institute (PDI) 
► How to Become a DoD MOU School
► How to Establish a National Test Center
► Program Resources: Infographics, Fact Sheets, and More
► Subscribe to our Monthly (DIB) Newsletter 
► Today's Military and Futures Magazine

Please familiarize yourself with our website and all of the other ways we can assist you. If you have questions, send us an email to: dodhra-outreach-dantes@mail.mil and we will respond promptly.