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Improve College Entrance & Promotion Opportunities
The Academic Skills Training (AST) program assesses your academic strengths and weaknesses to help you improve your skills in basic math, English and science for college-level course placement, qualification for reclassification or advanced training, and military advancement. Our self-paced Online Academic Skills Course (OASC) can be used by service members as a standalone course, or as a supplement to other educational resources. Individual learning paths can help to improve your knowledge of the concepts and the skills you need to excel in each area; lessons are supported by interactive drills and practice sets, followed by quizzes to help you gauge your progress. 
Program Eligibility
All actively-serving members in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, as well as members of the National Guard, Reserve components, DoD civilians, and their family members, can use the Academic Skills Training program to help improve their math, English, science, writing, and other communication skills.
Student Benefits
  • Assess Strengths & Weaknesses: Training modules are tailored to help build skills in areas that need improvement.
  • Earn Completion Certificates: Certificates are downloadable and available for proof of completion. Service education counselors may recommend you re-take the Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT).
  • Get Help When Needed: Use the Academic Help Desk and Online Tutoring 24/7.

  • Improve Your Scores: OASC can help you improve your Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT) or college-entry exam scores.
  • Learn Anytime and Anywhere: Download the OASC Academic Skills Training mobile app to work on building your skills no matter where you are. 
  • Complete on Your Schedule: Interactive lessons, games, and drills support your personal learning style. The self-paced programs allow you to work at your own speed.
  • Network with Other Learners: A peer-to-peer discussion area is available for questions and networking.
  • Be Successful! Practice tests, quizzes, and an end-of-course test provide feedback to ensure that you master the material for training success.
Mobile App

Download the "OASC Academic Skills Training" mobile app onto your mobile devices from the Google Play store or the Apple store. There is an online version and an offline version; both can be used for studying whenever and wherever you are located.
Writing Lab
The Writing Lab provides writing support virtually to eligible military students throughout the writing process. Unlike on-demand online tutoring, the Writing Lab is not real-time support that occurs through live video, audio, or text-based chat. Instead, a student submits a writing assignment, and an academic writing tutor will read it, leave feedback, and return it to the student within 12 hours, guaranteed – often that feedback is returned even faster.

Writing Lab tutors provide feedback on:
► Meeting assignment expectations
► Clear focus/purpose/thesis statement
► Logical and appropriate organization
► Topic and paragraph development
► Integrating research appropriately
► Appropriate voice/style for genre
► Formatting/citations/references
► Correct grammar and punctuation
For students working on essays and writing projects over an extended period of time, they can submit revised pieces multiple times – increasing their mastery of writing at each revision stage. Feedback provided during the writing process is often more impactful to student learning than feedback provided after a submission. 

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We recommend that you speak with a 
Services' Education Counselor when making school and career decisions. They will have the best answers to your questions and will work with you to determine the best path forward based on your goals for the future. They will be able to access your OASC assessments and easily discuss the results with you.
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