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The DANTES Information Bulletin, also known as the "DIB", is a place for education counselors and others to find in-depth information on DANTES education programs. The newsletter also provides details on program resources and upcoming events. Check it out today!

May DIB: Experience Matters: How Education Services Officers (ESOs) can help Servicemembers Use Their Skills to Boost Academic Success

In this month's newsletter, the May 2024 DIB focuses on the Military Training Evaluation Program (MTEP). This issue provides valuable insights for counselors, highlighting how they can support servicemembers in translating their military training and experience into academic credits.


The April 2024 cover of the DIB Newsletter titled April DIB: TA DECIDE College Comparison Tool

April DIB: TA DECIDE College Comparison Tool

The April edition of the DANTES Information Bulletin (DIB) is now available! This edition features the TA DECIDE College Comparison Tool. Inside, you'll discover how to use TA DECIDE to find an academic institution that is right for you. You'll also find valuable information on student benefits, eligible schools, and program eligibility criteria.



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