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Program Update (5/16/2024): The Troops to Teachers program was reauthorized on December 27, 2021, via the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022, after being canceled on October 1, 2020. While the program was reauthorized, the TTT program did not receive an appropriation to fund the restart of the program.

The TTT Program was officially realigned from DANTES to the Military-Civilian Transition Office on October 1, 2023. The program is currently operating with minimum staff and resources. For additional information, please email dodhra.mc-alex.dssc.mbx.troops-to-teachers@mail.mil

Troops to Teachers

From Serving Your Country to Shaping Young Minds
The Troops to Teachers (TTT) program helps service members and veterans become certified and employed as teachers in K-12 schools. As a military service member or veteran, you possess the skills, discipline, and dedication that can make a significant impact in the field of education. With fewer teachers available, there is an urgent need for individuals with these skills to fill teaching positions.

Regardless of what subject area or grade level you want to teach, each state has specific education, testing, and certification/licensure requirements for eligibility.  A list of state, national, and other resources is provided further down this webpage.

There are a multitude of opportunities for service members to become certified K-12 public school teachers.  States are continuing to innovate and approve high-quality and affordable educator preparation programs. Over 30 states have registered teacher apprenticeship programs where you can “earn and learn”, allowing candidates to obtain their teaching credential while earning a salary.  In addition, “teacher residencies” and “grow your own” programs are on the rise.
To learn more about becoming certified and locating teaching opportunities, please view the “state” specific links below, identified as Pathways to Teaching, Licensing Information and Employment Opportunities.  In addition, states are beginning to fund programs/opportunities to specifically assist service members with becoming teachers.  Information on these programs can be found under Service Member Centric in the “state” specific links. 
Additional resources are available on this page for those interested in DoDEA, JROTC, DoD SkillBridge and multiple financial assistance programs.

State Information

Guiding Your Teaching Career Transition with State-Specific Expertise


National Programs

Teacher Certification and Alternative Pathways to Teaching


Other Resources


Frequently Asked Questions
  • What services are currently available?

    Referral Services as identified on this webpage for both National and State level resources.

  • What services are currently available?

    Referral Services as identified on this webpage for both National and State level resources.

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