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Exam Reimbursements

The Defense Department (DoD) sunset the College Readiness Exams Reimbursement Program in October 2021. This was due to Defense budget reductions, but many service members still have questions about their reimbursement requests for the following exams: ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and Praxis.

If you have not received your U.S. Treasury check (USCG) or your electronic reimbursement (for all other Services), please
submit a HELP ticket and be sure to include:

Military Service, First and Last name in the "Subject" line of the email... Subject: USCG/Jane Smith

NOTE: The following exams are no longer offered or reimbursed by DANTES. 
Please click below to visit the respective exam websites for more information on test registration, exam preparation and more: 

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